Adeptus Rolling Cart, Your Choice

Adeptus Rolling Cart, Your Choice

Hard to build, not very good quality, a pretty lousy product.
I’m not sure I’d accept one if it was free.


I had the same experience. One piece arrived split.
As a general rule, when a major structural component consists of what is basically thick cardboard tacked onto the back, it’s junk.

Which drawer has the donuts?

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Yeah agreed with the cheapness. Fortunately mine came intact

I used a bit of my own hardware and glue to shore it up so its a little better. I still like the convenience of all the drawers. More places to lose stuff in.

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Tossed the two we bought after a year. The cardboard drawer bottoms sag and fall out. OK if you are storing a small butterfly or stamp collection. Don’t try a ream of copy paper.


Got a black 6+2 wide one last year. I actually love it. Solid, and no quality issues whatsoever. Great storage for my office. It does take a while to put together - you need to be sure to line up everything carefully - and it really helps if you have 2 people a powered screwdriver or drill with a screwdriver bit. I have heavy items in some of the drawers and have no issues with sag.

This is sad to hear. I have 2 of them and have had them for over 10 years, still very useful and in great shape. My drawer bottoms are wood, and the back piece is luan (1/4" plywood). It WAS a PIA to assemble, but so is most flatpack stuff. :man_shrugging: Based on the comments, looks like the switch to more cardboard was due to price. It’s a shame.

Here’s the discussion when these last came up. Seems to be either a love it or hate it.

I just got mine and one of the drawer sides is split but the rest is assembled. I am waiting to hear from customer support to see if they can get me the part i need.