Adeptus Rolling Cart, Your Choice

Adeptus Rolling Cart, Your Choice

Not being a naysayer, just kind of letting people know- this is bizarrely small. yeah, I know the dimensions are on the description, but it looks bigger than it is. it is a bit too low/small to be an end table, and when they say that the drawers are big enough to hold a ream of paper, that’s because the internal dimensions are slightly bigger than a sheet of 8.5x11 paper.

It’s also a pain in the ass to put together, because the “solid wood” doesn’t include pre-drilled/starter holes and the screws they give you are not especially good at making their own hole, so if you’re unlucky or clumsy you may split the wood, and you’ll probably have to buy more nails to get the back and drawers really secure, plus if I remember correctly the instructions tell you to use all the nails on the back and then pages later mention that you still needed some for the drawers.

Also the white finish is more like a whitewash and will look extremely ugly next to actual solid white furniture (ikea, etc).

All that being said, once it’s done it does feel a bit more solid than your typical MDF department store furniture in a box, and it’s an ok deal at $49.


Got this in brown for $37. Open box. Instructions could have been a little more detailed, but weren’t bad. It is smaller than it looks, but still useful for keeping kids art supplies organized. I had no issues that others have complained about. Had all the pieces. Nothing broken.

My had pilot holes, but only for pieces the screw first entered. You did have to drive the screw into joining piece. However, it wasn’t that hard. The wood is not terribly dense. But then, I’ve put a lot of furniture together. If you don’t have much experience assembling things or using tools, you might find this frustrating.

My only real complaint is there are no stops for the drawers. If you pull them too far, they fall right out.

Overall, good value for what I paid. At $50, I might not have bought it due to its small size.



I bought this as an “open box” item from Woot awhile back. It went together very well, and it fits under the table in my office nicely.

So yeah, by the time I got to the third or fourth drawer I had a system figured out for the assembly.

Just settle in and if you have a powered screwdriver, all the better.

Plus 1, would buy again if I needed it.

My original review is here: Adeptus Rolling Carts - 2 Styles - #2 by therealjrn


My two have long been in the landfill. Why? The bottoms of each drawer are made of glorified cardboard, not wood. They slide into shallow grooves during assembly. Place heavy objects in the drawers (reams of paper, etc.) and they eventually bow down and slip out of the grooves.

OK for your butterfly collection, not much more.


I’m spoiled and wood buy except you need to put this together! Great price.

The last time these were on sale the comments were entertaining. So much bad hardly any good about these. The dimensions are similar to a small 2-drawer filing cabinet but broken up into 6 small drawers

Once again, WOOT tries to sell us this garbage… and I do not use that term lightly.
Smaller than you think, exceptionally difficult to put together, and not well engineered.

Not for 1/3 the price.
Given the assembly process, do not accept for free unless you need firewood.

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Am I the only one who wants one of these to see if they’re really that bad? It’s an envelope organizer.


Okay for the price and not bad looking, but definitely a “handyman” project. You will want wood glue and some additional screws to construct the cabinet. I glued the wood dowels in that are supposed to hold the cabinet box together, but have had to add some screws at the base and more glue when the two 2 3/4 inch-wide boards that are the cabinet bottom started to come loose. I added two screws to each of the plastic drawer slides because I didn’t trust the small plastic pips on the slides to hold up a drawer. A variable speed drill/driver and a rubber mallet in addition to a screw driver and hammer are very helpful. Even with the glue and screws, I’m not sure I’d trust the cabinet to hold the 10 lbs. per drawer the instructions claim.


Seeing a lot of comments about how hard this is to put together. I don’t get it. I guess I’m a little handy, but certainly no professional. I put this together in about 45 minutes while watching basketball. I didn’t need any extra parts or glue. A mallet would probably make it easier as would a drill, but certainly not necessary unless your grip strength is fading.

As for the drawers durability… I’ve only had mine a few months, but it certainly is sturdy enough for a ream of paper. But why would you buy this to store paper? It’s not really meant for heavy stuff. Great for arts and crafts supplies.


“Some assembly required” would have been an understatement! How about, “ALL assembly required”!! OMG, it comes in a cardboard box of length x width equal to the side boards x about 4" thick. Everything un-attached, 4 roller feet and a bag of wooden dowels, 2 slightly different screw sizes (careful there) and some nails. I used wood glue for all connections to keep mine nice and rigid. That might have added to the time and effort a little, but, man! And the phillips heads were too tiny for my drill, I had to screw it all by hand. Plan on 3 or 4 hours to put one of these babies together!