Adeptus Rolling Cart, Your Choice

Adeptus Rolling Cart, Your Choice

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Another sale again and I’ll start off the discussion by saying these are smaller than you think. It’s about the size of a 2-drawer file cabinet broken up into 6 small drawers that have a low weight limit. Also many assembly horror stories so buy at your own risk.


This sale is for for a wide cart but if you’re new here, these are some of the previous discussions for the regular size cart. They may help with your decision. Instead of spouting what others have said you can read their comments yourself.


Do not do this to yourself unless you like being really frustrated while putting together a piece of furniture with parts that don’t quite fit together. It also helps if you like needing tools and help assembling something that’s going to wobble, roll wonky, and look crooked.


I bought one of the smaller six drawer models. I was a little nervous due to all the horror assembly stories. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t that difficult, the pieces fit fine and the end product looks and works great. Maybe I got lucky?

Having a drill certainly makes things go quicker, but isn’t necessary unless perhaps your grip strength inlsnt what it used to be. You will need to put some pressure on screws with the screw driver.

For perspective, I’m not a wood worker but I do have a decent amount of experience putting together this type of furniture product. If you’ve never assembled something similar, this might not be the starter project for you.

I do agree that these are smaller than the pictures let on and that the weight capacity is limited. We use ours for our kids art supplies and it’s great. If you were looking to store really heavy, the drawer bottoms probably would flex a little.

Hope this helps!


Yeah, I didn’t have any problems putting mine together. I just settled in, took my time and ended up with a pretty nifty cart.


How does this compare to the IKEA version?