Adeptus Rolling Cart: Your Choice

Adeptus Rolling Cart: Your Choice

What are the interior dimensions of the drawers?


Unless they have improved them, the bottoms of the drawers are not “solid wood.”

Ours were glorified cardboard and sagged. They are now in some landfill.

Some say we may not have assembled ours tight enough to prevent the bottoms from sagging and slipping out of the grooves they slid into. But they still sagged.

Perhaps what we put in was too heavy. But they still sagged.


These things keep coming back and people keep saying how bad they are.


Because they truly are bad.
Hard to assemble, poorly designed, a total mistake.

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I purchased this cart to use as a stand alone drawer unit for my small kitchen. Assembly was time consuming. No pilot holes were drilled and that causes the problems. Drilling pilot holes for all of the drawers and where any screw was needed is necessary for assembly.

For the drawer bottoms I used 2, 1/2" screws to keep the bottoms closed. the nails they provided did not work too well. We shall see how long it holds up. Good luck all!