Adeptus Rolling Carts - 2 Styles

I got the larger of these when they were on sale last year at a higher price. They’re serious about assembling this on a hard, bare floor. I had a sheet of cardboard under it and I cracked the plastic drawer glides. Adeptus was kind enough to send replacements and I assembled it successfully eventually, but the delivery was agonizingly slow.

The drawer bottoms slide into slots but there is no support in the rear side. You should add a couple extra screws on each one (not included).

Would the larger one work in a walk-in closet for say…undies & PJ storage?

I used some of the extra small nails that were left over from installing the back board. One nail in the rear center of each drawer bottom and problem solved.

Arrived box intact, missing parts. WOOT’S solution, send item back, wait for it to get there, they will send a replacement… How about just send the THREE MISSING PARTS? That would be cheaper… Of course I have requested a prepaid mailer 3 times, have not heard back from them. In fact since I made the original complaint (about 20 minutes after receiving the item) the only response that I received is ‘Sorry, this usually does not happen’. REALLY, who would actually have a business model where missing parts to something that needs to be assembled would be the norm? So, I am still waiting. I will give them until tomorrow, then I will just do a credit card dispute… Let my CC company handle it!

I will NEVER purchase anything made by this company again. The first one arrived with several parts missing, even though the box was not damaged - ie. THEY WERE NEVER IN THE BOX. So, I ordered a replacement. Well, one of the drawer sides was literally broken in half. So I call Ineptus and ordered a replacement. First, they NEVER answer the phone, you have to leave a message, which they promise to return your call THAT DAY. After waiting almost a week for them to return the call, they finally called Friday of last week and said they would ship the part THAT DAY. Fast forward 7 days… NO PART; 5 phone calls this week, NO RETURNED CALLS; Email complaint sent - NO REPLY… WOOT, you need to pick better companies, maybe ones whose business model is not centered on Customer Service that NEVER ANSWERS THE PHONE!

Oh jeez, sorry! If you haven’t yet, please send your order number and situation to; our CS team can check into things for you.