Adeptus Rolling Carts - 3 Styles

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Adeptus Rolling Carts - 3 Styles
Price: $39.99 - 79.99
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Condition: New


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Two perfect reviews on the six drawer model over at

Purchased one of these a while back. They look okay, but they’re very cheaply made.

I bought one of these a couple years ago. The wood was nice but the other parts were cheap. One of the plastic drawer slides broke while I was screwing it in. I can probably find a way to fix it but for now it is sitting in a box somewhere. I was also surprised at how heavy the whole thing was. I wouldn’t buy it again.

Good to know; you just saved me some money!

I bought two Adeptus carts during a previous sale. Neither of them fit together – the holes in the particle board were slightly off. I wound up throwing them both away. In light of Woot’s (non-)return policy, I would stay far, far away.

Compared to the other comments, I seem to have gotten off lucky. I bought three last time, 2 small and one large. My husband put them together and bitched the whole time but I love them. I have two in my office and he stained one and used it in his den. I really love mine.
He likes his but apparently if I buy another, I have to put it together myself…

I bought one of the regular 6 drawer models here in a previous sale. I needed something to organize and hold all the owner’s manuals and other information I had scattered around my home office. The drawer size is perfect for those things, presentation folders and even small (thinner) 3-hole binders.

Assembly was fairly easy once I got familiar with the instructions. Only hitch was one dowel pin was missing, but I was able to make a replacement from some dowel stock I had lying around. I did take the assembly one step further by gluing all the joints as I put it together. The finished product is a nice, solid piece and the drawers slide smooth and easy.

It is an inexpensive solution that fit my needs perfectly.

Purchased a while back, drawers do not slide smoothly and quality prohibits pulling drawers too hard. Little heap in overall quality.

and yet, the features list says:
Solid Wood – No particle board so either:

  1. you had a different style/model
  2. the features list is wrong.
    Either way, plastic slides make this a non starter for me…

So, are they assembled when they arrive?

Assembly required.

Smart to glue. I always glue wood furniture while assembling.

Please respond!

The description says:

Material: Pine Wood
Solid Wood – No particle board

So you’re saying yours was made of particle board?

Maybe you can confirm. The description states they are “Solid Wood – No particle board”, but another commenter said the holes in the particle board did not line up.

Can you confirm, are these solid wood or particle board?

According to Amazon these models are solid pine and are not particle board. They also get good reviews at Amazon.

The drawer sides and visible parts of the cabinet are wood. The drawer bottoms and the cabinet back are pressed board. The drawer slides are plastic. The drawer fronts and cabinet are not clear as pictured. They have sizable knots. Only the front of the drawers is stained. The casters are not heavy-duty enough for the 8-drawer units, which are very heavy. I had to return one because the pressed board back had been snapped during shipping.