Adeptus Rolling Carts - 3 Styles

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Adeptus Rolling Carts - 3 Styles
Price: $39.99 - 79.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Dec 02 to Thursday, Dec 03) + transit
Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
10/30/2015 - $39.99 - 79.99 - Click To See Discussion (28 comments)

The small cart is $40 here:

Walmart also carries it for $54

The larger cart looks more consistently like a good deal.

[MOD: FF is $7.95 shipping]

Hah, these carts are cool, but the prob will be the difficulty and time of assembly. You will get 4,000 loose parts and a tube of glue!

8 drawer at Fleet Farm is $69 and free shipping

[MOD: Different model, narrower drawers.]

That one listed at FF is 7 inches narrower than this one, hence the price difference. $10 difference for a lot more space is worth it, IMO.

I bought two of these during a previous sale and couldn’t assemble them because the holes were not drilled in the proper places. I wound up throwing them out due to Woot’s lack of a return policy. Don’t waste your money.

Perhaps I will put my drawers in the drawers!

I never had a problem the few times I needed to return something to Woot.

Bought one of the carts in the past from Woot! & have been very pleased with it. No issues in assembly for me. Have experience assembling furniture. You need to lay out and sort all parts before assembling. I don’t recommend this or any home assembly furniture to anyone it you do not own a power drill; it is likely that you may need to redrill a hole or 2 and there are many screws that need to be inserted snugly.

I’ve now purchased 4 of these in varying sizes from woot. I haven’t had any issues with assembly or parts at all. I love’em!

This was posted by the manufacturer on the previous sale on woot. It seems the manufacturer is more than willing to back up their product. Give them a try!

i bought the larger one ,a pain to assemble… but, worth it

saved a lot of counter space in my small kitchen

I bought two of the big ones last time. One of them came with missing and damaged parts, but the other one was perfectly fine and went together in about 45 minutes.

I’ll be contacting the manufacturer this week to get replacement parts for the first unit.

I bought the regular 6 drawer unit for my piano music last time they were on sale.

There was no glue, and in fact the instructions said not to use glue. I was skeptical, but the parts went together perfectly. Some of the pegs were a little small and not tight in the holes, but as the parts went together I realized that the pegs are not the only source of support.

The little cabinet looks good and went together easily (but it took most of an afternoon since each drawer has to be assembled separately).

I am very satisfied with my purchase. I would buy another one if I had a place for it because of the quality.

Bought 6 of the narrow ones last Woot and just finished assembling them Of the 6 there were 2 small screws missing in one kit but 10 extra in total so a wash.

I’m not a woodworking guy I’m a geek and all 6 went together well, are solid, and being filled with Lego in the next few days.

If they made a 2 microwave stand I’d be ordering it now and honestly I’m looking at the 2 wider ones for another project.

Short - Impressed more than I expected to be. not perfect as they are made of real wood but well worth the slight imperfections for the solid quality.

I also got 2 of these on a previous woot (the largest unit). One box had all of the parts but the box was in bad shape. The other box was missing several pieces of drawer sides and back. The box was very damaged/torn and obviously the pieces had slipped out at some point in shipment.

I let woot know and they were helpful in offering either a return for refund, or I keep everything and they refund a few bucks. I took the latter offer, since I can easily duplicate the wooden sections missing in my wood shop. (I say easily, but they have routed slots in them.) I felt the low price of these was worth the trouble of me having to shape the missing wooden sections, rather than bothering to re-box and return it.

I have yet to assemble them, so I can’t speak to the holes not lining up, but I’m not worried about that. I planned since before I purchased them to stain them darker, and am in the process of doing so now before I assemble them. The coating is very thin and easily lightly sanded, and I’m using polyshades to coat with a dark stain. They are turning out nice.

can someone please provide the interior dimensions for each drawer?

6 Regular Drawer Dimensions: 13.38” x 11” wide x 3.6” tall

6 Wide Drawer Dimensions: 13.38” x 17” wide x 3.6” tall

8 Drawer:
Six Regular drawers: 13.38” deep x 17” wide x 3.7”
Two 2x deep drawers: 13.38” deep x 17” wide x 7.24”

My wife bought the smaller six drawer one elsewhere a few weeks ago and I put it together. It takes an hour or more to build since you have to assemble the six drawers individually. The directions are clear and assembly was not difficult at all. A variable speed power drill with a good magnetic phillips bit along with a manual phillips screwdriver will speed assembly. A raised flat surface to assemble the drawers (like a desk or table so you can sit while you work) and a carpeted or throw rug-covered floor to lay the sides down in order to tap in the drawer glides with a rubber mallet helped. The parts were all cut and drilled properly and the drawer bottoms helped square up each drawer before you secured them with a couple of nails. Overall it was a good fitting and solid design for an “SAR” (Some Assembly Required) piece of furniture. My wife loves it as it now holds all of the small items and papers/receipts you need but take up space or easily get lost. It was missing one screw but it was easily replaced with one from my small jar of miscellaneous screws that were extra from other SAR projects. I ended up with extra dowels and nails that were added to the jar.