Adeptus Rolling Carts - 4 Styles

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Adeptus Rolling Carts - 4 Styles
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5/12/2016 - $39.99 - 89.99 - Click To See Discussion (43 comments)

Reviews on the 6
Regular Drawer over at Wayfair

Ok, bought the 6 drawer unit.

Props. They sent the drawer rails, all 12 that were missed in the original packaging

Down side. 3 of those drawer rails broke during assembly.

They apparently refused to send those as my 2nd request through there website is still unfulfilled.

fyi they’re not tough to install it just takes longer than you may think it will.

Yes some glue will make this a stronger unit.

Bought two of the 8 drawer units. Several faults in the units. First, the drawers aren’t predrilled so had to have a drill handy to put the drawers together. Second, there is nothing to stop the drawers from falling out when you open them. No stops at all. So when you put these together have a drill and when you open the drawers be careful you don’t pull them all the way out dumping the contents all over the place! Or drop the drawer on your foot! NOT a wise design!

since you don’t have what I want, I’ll pass. You are advertising stuff you don’t have. Good Luck with that.

bought two of the 6-drawer units - arrived with no problems, all parts, glues and clamps to make it a permanent piece of furniture - VERY happy with these!

Cheaply made. A pain to assemble, and plastic drawer slides break easily. You can get better for your money elsewhere.

Can you be more specific, pls?

Very good. A PITA to assemble - parts of the rails broke during assembly, but were still usable. I opted to not use the casters. It stays in one place, looks very nice, and is used limitedly. No, there are no drawer stops to prevent the drawers from falling out, but that’s not necessary. I’m very happy with it.

I bought the 8-drawer model a while ago on Woot and it arrived 100% intact and with all parts. I had no problems building it and all parts fit how they should.

When Woot had these a couple of weeks ago, it was a no-brainer for me to pick up the 6-wide model. Likewise, 100% fine. I timed the assembly and it took me about an hour and ten minutes including box unpacking, gathering tools, and clean up.

There was a long conversation at the time about problems with the parts and difficulty in assembling. It had me confused based on my original experience. Now that I’ve built two of these, I’m doubly confused.

No problems whatsoever and highly recommended. I’m just trying to figure out if I’d have any use for a third one of these.

I bought the 12-drawer unit, and it is perfect for storing my wood mounted stamps! The drawers are deep enough to put two layers of stamps in, so it really holds a LOT of stamps! It would also be great for storing 12x12 paper!

Bought the 8 drawer last time. Very happy with it - use it for all my making stuff. I like the drawers - you can pull em out easy if you want to carry entire contents. Did have a chip on the back of a drawer front which I glued back. Otherwise no damage to the pieces. Assembly was pretty easy, all it took was time.
Wife comment - it smells for a while.

I bought the smaller 6-drawer unit and, sure, the holes weren’t pre-drilled; but is that so bad?

Having lived through 2 life-threatening illnesses that left my hands somewhat deformed, this was my first DIY project in years; and whereas I was once a very able carpenter, I was somewhat challenged by the project and was very pleased to have done well. I am going to buy one more of these units.

One word: Kindling

I got one of these last time. I’m not the best at putting furniture together but this one came out really well. Drawers don’t stick like the other Dresser I made. I would recommend 10/10.

Bought the 6 drawer wide several years ago (I think it was the 1st time that the units were offered). It has performed well and is durable. Assembly is not a problem - like any assemble at home furniture you want to take your time and work carefully to achieve a quality result. I would recommend that you have a power drill for driving all the screws.

You get what you pay for in this case. They are worth about what you pay, but I would not consider this a deal. Mine arrived with one front splitting and two sides splitting. There is also nothing to prevent the drawer bottoms from sliding out the back unless you do it yourself with glue or nails.

bought the 6 drawer unit last time it was offered. STILL putting the drawers the meantimes, the cats sure love the rolling open sided cart.

I bought one of these and the drawer rails did not fit predrilled holes in the dado slots in the sides of the cabinet. I emailed the company and received no response. I haven’t had the time or inclination to do the work necessary to put it together.