Adeptus Rolling Carts - 4 Styles

The parts (and instructions) include two small nails per drawer to secure the drawer bottoms so they won’t slide.

I’ve purchased and assembled two of the six-drawer models and have a couple of suggestions for correct assembly.
First, for installing the drawer runners: When they say to use a rubber mallet, take them seriously. The runners are a very tight fit, requiring solid whacks to get the pegs all the way into the holes. The mallet diffuses the impact a bit. Anything else concentrates it which is more than the plastic can take and it will shatter.
Second, it’s not easy to keep the drawers square during assembly. It went faster for me when I put the front and side pieces around the bottom and used a clamp to hold them in place until the screws were in. The back piece is done the same way.
BTW, having 12 new drawers available has enabled me to finally organize all the stuff that had accumulated around my computer and printer and the cabinets make a great printer stand.

I have the 8 drawer unit sitting next to me and no, it is not as high quality as the 50 year old Leopold desk sitting in front of me but the drawer unit didn’t cost $1000 new either.

It arrived complete and intact for me. KaseeW is correct about using a mallet on the runners, they are tough but they will go. The holes do not need to be pre-drilled, I didn’t split anything. The build is solid but I did choose to glue each joint and the thing is like a rock now.

You need patience with the build. They do not “fall” together like the particleboard units most of us are used to, but with care in assembly these units will far outlast those.

Don’t bother with the wider 6-drawer cabinet. The drawers can’t handle much weight. I gave this as a gift at Christmas to hold 12 x 12 craft paper. I later learned it started falling apart within days. The owner gave up on it a couple weeks ago because it is beyond repair.

Last time I bought 3 of these. Packages were damaged and there were missing parts in two of them. One of them never made it to my house and was returned half way on route, probably was so messed up that UPS send it back. GOOD THING: I contacted the manufacturer and they send what was missing or damaged (after a month) so I had to wait. The wood is very good quality. They require assembly. Use wood glue and they will stay together longer. Don’t expect a lot of room in those shallow drawers. No particle board in this sets, which is very good. The drawer bottoms are made of compressed wood, something like masonite 1/4" hardboard. You might want to use a finish nail gun and lots of wood glue during assembly.
I would recommend the 8 drawer unit.

Two of my side rails broke as well. sigh

Definitely a lot of assembly required for these.

And truly… They should not have used nails for anything or required a hammer for any assembly. I would have been happier with 100% screws for everything.