Adesso Typewriter Design USB Keyboard

is it N-Key roll over or 6-key rollover? the description says N-key, but the fine print under the n-key rollover header says up to “6 keys”.

N-Key rollover means all keys can be pressed at once and theoretically infinite amount of keys. 6-key roll over only means up to 6 keys can be pressed at once.

there’s a huge difference.

It does say “The n-key rollover function permits up to 6 keys to be pressed at the same time-a great advantage for gamers and typists.”

I’ll update it to 6-key.

I would love to buy one of these if it were not “clicky” - tactile is great, but clicky is a killer. The switch is Kaihl Blue (not Kahil), which seems to be okay.

Might pull the trigger for a (very) expensive set of keycaps… Hmm.