adidas adiZero Golf Shoes

My guess is these are not waterproof?

Dear Woot,

Having the sizes shown in this manner versus a drop down with disabled selection options (for sold out sizes) is preferable. Thank you.

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these shoes are getting banned from many courses around the U.S due to its spikes damaging the greens

I rarely post, but it is true - these shoe damage greens - they stopped carrying them in our local course pro shop. No official ban, but a note on both doors warning players that these shoe damage greens and requesting that then not be worn during play. Woot - this is not a good deal…you’ll not be happy with the user experience. Recommend you pull these.

I do like look of these shoes but the ban and furthermore (the damage caused) looks like a deal breaker. Thanks to all of you that gave us the info. Link for one particular article and photos. Courses Banning 2014 Adizero shoes - Buyer Beware - Golf Talk - The Sand Trap .com

If you keep reading the thread you posted, you’ll see that what looks like the same shoe that Woot is offering is mentioned and they don’t think it would cause an issue since the spikes aren’t on a “pedastal” like the other shoes mentioned.

You guys dont know what you are talking about, I have a pair of these in grey and blue and they are fine. Its the Adizero Tour 14 that is being banned. These shoes have been out for over a year. Im buying another pair because they are a perfect late afternoon rushed round pair of golf shoes in the summer. Very comfy light and stable. This is a good deal

SO NOT WATERPROOF? I play early morning and the dew can cause a soaked sock if I’m not wearing a waterproof shoe.

Can any great golf shoe minds confirm/deny the fact that this type of sole damages greens?