adidas adiZero One Golf Shoes

Google what these do to greens…Alot of clubs won’t let you wear them because they destroy the greens.

I would buy but none of them are in my size.

Pretty excited to get these with the warmer weather coming.

Those shoes you are referring to, damaging the greens were an earlier model, 2 years ago, most are long gone. It wasn’t so much the shoes but the agressive cleat combined with people who just don’t know any better. Some applied for roles on the walking dead series for example.

No 15s, NO LOVE!

Got mine, tried them on and they are so tiny I think they maybe be mislabeled. WOOT won’t take them back because “there was a sizing chart” unfortunately they don’t tell you the sizes are for a little girls foot. There’s $90 out the window. Live and Learn I guess. Goodbye WOOT…