adidas adiZero One Golf Shoes

Does anyone know if these are the same adidas golf shoes that are banned at many golf courses for causing damage to the greens, or was that the 2013 version?

Yes, these are those “notorious” shoes.

I think they rock. I already have some, about to pull the trigger on another.

Yes they are, don’t buy them. Despite that the gentleman above thinks “they rock”, some courses ban them.

BUT, more than anything, it SUCKS playing golf with dbags like him who selfishly care about their playing and not the guys who play after and deal with their giant divots. There’s what, 28,457 other golf shoes to choose from that don’t rip up the course…

WOOT should not even be selling/offering these anymore…

Thanks for calling me “selfish and a dbag” you chode choker.

These shoes have been shown to only damage greens that have just been wet or if the person plays on a course with abnormally high humidity and zero wind, given sufficient time to dry they have zero influence on the greens.

I’m just getting into ultimate frisbee (rec, non-competitive) and need some cheap cleats. Will these do the trick?