adidas: All Deals on All Speed

I’m gonna go with hunk not included. Anyone tried these out and want to review? No? Anyone found reviews they want to share?

If you didn’t see the product video yet, you’re missing out.

The athletes are gorgeous, but it’s SO FUNNY! A “dark room” set with a brick-wall & rolling-steel-door background (it looks like it was filmed in someone’s dad’s garage), ripped oily bodies, and strobe lights!

I would hurt myself laughing if I saw some dude running down the street with a freakin’ parachute strapped to his back!

…but then again, I’d probably hurt myself if I tried any of this equipment because I’m totally out of shape. /sigh/

I’m thinking about getting this to use while running some 5k’s just to show how cool I am.

Is it wrong of me to want to get the parachute and try to run into the wind on a windy day? What are my actual chances of going airborn?

Depends if you go over a cliff or not.

** not recommended

Who exactly is the target audience for this stuff? I watched the promo video and all I could think of was “Wow, this would make an awesome montage sequence of the underdog loser who’s training to fulfill his dream and become the next insert sport champion.”

Let’s replace the music with Eye of the Tiger.

weighted vest is perfect for this guy:

Actually he has probably used all of the items at one point or another.


This gear seems focused on agility and plyometrics, both of which are underutilized training methods. Agility training improves foot speed/reaction times, as well as increasing awareness of foot placement and spatial movement. Many agility drills can be reproduced without equipment, such as using masking tape to create a “ladder” on a mat, but that eliminates the benefit of using a 3-D ladder: much harder to “cheat” and tell yourself that you were inside the lines when you were on them. (At the same time, that’s why one doesn’t use a real ladder: if you miss a box, you don’t want to cause injury.) Plyometrics increases explosiveness and trains reaction time; it builds the muscles involves in dynamic reaction, but it also teaches awareness of proper technique to push off/jump. Well, if it’s done correctly, it teaches technique!

I’ve never seen a reaction ball before, but it looks like it would be a fun way to vent frustration, throwing it against a concrete wall!

Come on woot, no Run DMC reference?!


Speed Hurdle = Ultimate American Gladiators setup…

Now we just need a nerf gun to go on woot off

Does the weight vest come with weights? If so how much?

anyone else see the List Price of the cones as $0.00?

What is this WOOT- you get em for free and charge us $15!?

It says it comes with removable 1 lb weights, and it shows 10 of them in the 2nd picture.

At first I thought Adidas might be getting into some kind of Bridge Jumping… Bungee and Parachute style.

You could always give piggyback rides instead.

This stuff is used by competitive athletes.
Coaches and trainers have their teams use these toys . The reaction ball is used by softball and baseball fielding drills.

This is great!

My Adidas addicted high school soccer coach husband has always wanted an agility kit for his team. I’m totally buying a bunch of these (well the ones that he can use, like the parachute, ladder, cones, etc.) to surprise him.

Thanks sport.woot!!

ETA: I wonder if he’d want a large reaction ball for goal keeper training… hmm… Are there any soccer coaches / players here that have a thought on that?

Boooo!! Bad deal Woot! Here is just one example of a 40lbs. weighted vest for almost 1/2 the price!!! And this vest has 30 more lbs than the one woot is offering…®-SHORT-STYLE-WORKOUT-WEIGHT/dp/B002JBGPES/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1348119110&sr=8-8&keywords=weighted+vest