Adidas, Ashworth & Callaway Apparel

Considering I picked up a shorts and polo Greg Norman outfit at Macys for around $35 recently (using a none-too-hard to get coupon admittedly), I wish these were cheaper since I like a few.

I was thinking the same thing, I do like these but TJMAXX and Marshalls destroy this price. :-\

I guess I could go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls and get $20 polos, but they would not be as solid, quality and any current brands current model.

Have you tried one of these on? They are NICE!!!

How do these Adidas shirts fit? I’ve had a Large Nike on that has become rather tight and the Callaway Medium that is rather large.

I wear a large in Nike and Under Armour t-shirts and prefer a medium in these adidas polos. Just as a reference I wear a large in the Travis Mathew polos.

The belt is reversible. Why only 1 picture of the black color option? Why not the brown. Must we imagine how the brown belt looks like since its peeking from the background?

Since these, adidas adiPURE Wool Pants - Silver, are made of “pure wood”… how comfortable are they? :wink:

I hear they are pretty they “stiff”.

Made of pure wood with wicking fabric

this could be an issue…

watch out for the splinters

Ha! I was trying to figure out what you guys were talking about. Found the typo and sent it in for fixing. LOL.

The picture of the adiPURE Woven Jackets look like CGI. Does anyone know what this actually looks like?

That third picture looks much more like real life, thanks.

What are the washing instructions for the adidas adiPURE Wool Pants? Are they dry clean only or can I wash these suckers at home?

So consensus is the adidas run a bit big? I’m in for a couple, just want to make sure I order the correct size.

edit: Polo’s that is.

I would stay away from the reversible belt if you ever plan on wearing it without tucking in the shirt. The spring-loaded part where the buckle swivels can be very good at grabbing and pinching and pulling. Pretty annoying.

If you always tuck in your shirts though this probably isn’t a problem.