adidas ClimaLite Polo Shirt

Pretty goods reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) on the solid polo over at amazon

I have a couple of these. They’re great in hot weather. Too bad they don’t come in women’s sizes. I’d pick up a couple more.

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) on the striped polo over at amazon

Very good reviews (and a video!) on the striped polo over at

I have a couple of these, they’re very nice. Note that Adidas sizes run around half a size larger than Nike.

Sorry, I am not so sure about that… I have a couple Adidas and a couple of Nikes as well, and I think the Nike runs about half a size larger than Adidas. That is why I always hesitate when ordering clothing on line…

These run big, even for Polos. I normally wear 2X in the Ts and I wear an XL in this. Great shirt!

I got 3 of these last time they were on woot. They definitely run a little bigger than my nike golf polos, and they’re really comfortable out in the sun.

I can’t speak about these shirts, specifically. I can, however, RAVE about Climalite!

I’m 6’2, 205 and have always had an issue with being hot and sweating. Unfortunate genes in that dept.

Many companies now are trying to replicate this material, and some get close, but nobody does it as well.

One thing worth noting, it is VERY easy to start a ‘run’ in this kind of material. Brush up against any velcro, or wear these to actually golf and get near any thorny brush and these shirts will quickly become unsightly.

If you work in an office like I do, and want an alternative to cotton which absorbs and NEVER dries…these are a godsend.

I pay 12-15 for generic name polos in similar material at discount stores. 22 for an Adidas is a very good deal. 59 is an inflated retail price, but I’d figure about 40 a piece for these.

Interested in the shirt…but those colors aren’t for me. A bit to far on the neon electric side for my taste.

If there were earth tones of this this shirt, I’d buy four right away without question.

Has anyone found a sizing chart for these shirts? I would like to pick some up as Christmas gifts but really need to see a chart first.

Get with the program. Brighter colors are in. I took my teenage daughter shopping with me for polos at a Brooks Brothers sale a while back and she picked colors out for me I never would have thought of. I am amazed at all the compliments I get, especially from women.

I know that Woot is all “first come, first served”, but I’d like to know how many colors were available in the beginning. I started looking about 0830 and there were only 3 colors left in all sizes. I think only the available colors should show and not ALL the colors. I was very let down after looking at all the gorgeousness that could have been had, only to find mint green and white were the choices. Luckily, my husband looks good in green. Still… :frowning:

Do they come in actual men’s colors?

Where are the pockets? We need pockets!

I just got my first Woot Shirt last night, and it is itsy bitsy… I’d say they run way small as opposed to the polo that runs more or less the size of every other company.

These shirts are awesome, I bought two the last time they were on here. If they had more than mint green I would buy them again.

I am in outside sales, and they look very presentable in business casual, and work great in the heat. Living in Texas, I wear this type of shirt most of the year. This style/brand is probably my favorite of the ones I’ve tried.

If you can get over the color, go for it!

I love how the only colors left for big guys is “Mint Green” and “Even Mintier Green.”