adidas Crossflex Men's Golf Shoe

**Item: **adidas Crossflex Men’s Golf Shoe
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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8/1/2013 - $49.99 (Woot Plus)

If anybody wears that they will be laughed right off the course

Here is plenty of good feedback

When I first saw these I was ready to buy immediately until I saw they were golf shoes. Would love this design on regular shoes.

I have a pair in a another color. They feel like you are wearing slippers and are extremely light. Can be a little slick in wet conditions but if you slip you are probably swinging to hard. Takeaway is the only group that will make fun of you for wearing these shoes have joint replacements, rotary phones and have to take a blue pill to get excited.

I got excited when I saw that they had Adidas shoes that were red and white with black stripes. Then I read that they were golf shoes.

When will sport.woot finally have an Olympic weightlifting sale?

Curious, I have very bad ankles and these shoes look very tall. Do they feel stable in the grass?

‘Spikeless’ shoes seem to be all the rage today. I’ve never tried them, but I wouldn’t think they’d hold up as well as replaceable spikes. But then I’m still hoping metal spikes make a comeback. :slight_smile:

I saw these for the first time a little over a year ago and considered buying them. Shortly thereafter, I noticed Sergio Garcia wearing them in a tournament. I watched him slip during his swing on at least 3 occasions during one round. So I did whatever the opposite is of going right out and buying them.

Bummer, I’m size 8.5!