adidas Gore-Tex Jackets 'N Pants

Waterproof Gore-Tex Rain jacket…no hood… -_-

are these like… gold plated or something?

Why would you want a hood? This jacket is out of their golf collection. A hood will cover your face in no time in a golf swing.

Gore-tex is expensive, there are a number of other fabrications and membranes that offer water proof effectiveness AND better breathability, but it is a name that the consumer readily recognizes as waterproof & manufacturers are comfortable to use in manufacturing. Goretex also charges a very high royalty to use their name, usually about 25-30 % of the wholesale cost is a royalty to gore. Be it a pair of gloves, trail shoes or golf jacket. About $50 in this case.

[George enters in Gore-Tex jacket]

JERRY: That.

ELAINE: Huh, What is that, ha?


JERRY: When did you get that?

GEORGE: This week. My father got a deal from a friend of his. It’s Gore-Tex. You know about Gore-Tex?

JERRY: You like saying Gore-Tex, don’t you?

Someone watched Tron: Legacy right before designing these jackets.

Polyester Gore-Tex? No thanks. Would consider these if nylon.

Because a $160 jacket should be capable of use in other applications? A hood is able to be donned, or unfurled, at ones leisure. Even if using for golf, walking between holes would make a hood prove useful, as I’m sure many would agree.

These cost a lot because W.L. Gore makes sure they will do what they claim. There was a point in time a year or two ago when your statement about breath-ability was true, but the technical fabrics leader is back on top as of last year in lots of studies with the newest Gore Tex film composites. Whether these jackets have these new membranes, I don’t know, but $160 is cheaper/cheap-as anything Dry-Q, Polartec, or whatever the other competitors are.

I ordered an XL and it’s too large for me. Anyone order a L and it’s too small and would be interested in trading?