adidas Men's ClimaCool Polo Shirt

**Item: **adidas Men’s ClimaCool Polo Shirt
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I wear a lot of Polo’s at work. I find Adidas typically fit me really well, and the fabric is comfortable. If I have to dress up for 9 hours a day, it better be in a shirt that breathes well. explains how ClimaCool technology works

I would consider buying these if only they had a pocket. Where will I keep my pens and wallet without a pocket on my polo?

A fanny pack?

Perfect timing! We just went through my husband’s golf polo collection and threw out the worn and stained ones. Needless to say he needed more shirts! He likes the ClimaCool ones better than the other brands. They are more comfortable for him.

Bought one of these last time around. Well worth it. The shirt is really nice, fits well and feels good. Buying another!


And we just so happen to have some adidas pants (and other adidas apparel) over on this Woot Plus event on Woot.

What is the fit like on these? Do they fit like a golf polo (i.e. boxy), are they slim fit, or do they fall somewhere in between? I find that the measurements given are often not of very much help.

I wear an XL in Woot tees, a large in Travis Mathew and prefer a medium in these. They do fit like a golf polo where the arms are longer than a Calvin Klein shirt. I prefer the sleeves to be a bit shorter up and therefore order a medium rather than my typical larger in a polo shirt.

I believe the original quantity limit was 3, then it changed to 5. Why? Can i order 2 more and not be charged another shipping charge?

You can indeed! Some items we do up the limit, either because we have a ton or think peeps may want to order more than just a few.

How do I do this?

Checked with CS- if you order two more today, email into and they can refund your shipping on the second order since we upped the limit mid-sale. Reference this forum post when you do, please!

Thanks! Woot rocks!