adidas Men's Team Issue Full Zip Jacket

adidas Men's Team Issue Full Zip Jacket

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We are looking to get some hoodies for veterans stuck in the VA. We were told full-zip hoodies are easier to get on and off the veterans. We were looking at some fleece-type hoodies here when we saw these. Are these any good?:thinking:

We want some hoodies that will last a few washings and whose zippers won’t fail. We don’t really care if they are from a name brand company. We just want the veterans to feel comfortable, clean (after we wash them), and cozy (not too warm, not too cold).

To be honest, we weren’t sure about the hoodies. We thought the hood might bunch up in the back and irritate the back of the neck, head, and upper shoulder girdle area. One of the nurses thought it would be great for those who lost or are losing their hair. (We thought beanies might be better…:person_shrugging:)

We love to hear your suggestions. :pray::crossed_fingers::hugs:

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These definitely would not be good for this purpose since they are made of full polyester… not breathable and smell bad after about an hour! Being polyester, the smell becomes trapped in the fiber.

Also it is very hot to wear since again it is not breathable. I have seen good hoodies at big box stores and in fact i have seen these being sold for about $15 there pretty frequently.

Again, though, it would be crucial to purchase as close as you can to 100% cotton!


Wow! Good points!

We have seen a few at the big box stores like Costco. Some are really heavyweight with that faux shearling lining. Some were just thick fleece. We were hoping for the medium to lightweight ones, but we haven’t seen any yet.

We have not seen any with more than about 55% cotton.

We need to make a point of stopping at the big box stores before we go to the VA.

Thanks for the reminder to stop by the big box stores.:hugs:

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