Adidas Outdoor Men's AX2 GTX Shoes

These are sized very large. I wear men’s 7.5 to 8, the 8 on these are almost an entire size above that. I read the same from online reviews.

I never know what to make of information like this, though I think everyone appreciates someone wanting to be helpful. I’ve never owned Adidas shoes but bought two pair from this sale. Since we can’t return shoes if they don’t fit, I follow a method that seems to work for me. Probably the same things most people do like glean what I can from the manufacturer’s sizing chart. Some are much more useful than others, especilly if the include foot lengths. But one of the better tools I’ve found, especially if thinking about buying from a manufacturer I’ve never dealt with, is Amazon’s “fit” feature. I know you found them to be too large, however most will generally say the shoes fit “as expected”. On the two pairs I ordered for example, 76% & 78% said the shoes fit as expected, with a few saying “somewhat large”, a couple saying “too large”, some saying the same for somewhat or too small. The one and only time I ever listened to someone else’s advice was when I ordered my first pair of Cushe shoes on Woot. Two people wrote in, just as you have, and both said, for a proper fit, I should order a size larger than normal. So instead of my size 10 I ordered them in 11. Well they fit me as one would expect a size 11 to fit on someone who wears a size 10, I was swimming in them and wasted my money. Thank goodness they were inexpensive. Unfortunately I don’t have any friends or family who wear 11’s to give them to. Though in the case of "“this” shoe, even though 67% say they fit as expected, there does seem to be a fair number, compared to the other shoes here, that say they run “somewhat large”. But a few say they run “somewhat small”. I think the best advice is to always go with you’re normal size. Ya, you may get one now and then that may fit “somewhat” large or small, but the number of people who say what they received was “too” large or small by ordering their normal size is always very low.