Adidas Outdoor Men's AX2 GTX Shoes

Is the shoe being sold blue or is it black the picture shows a blue shoe while the discription says gray and black

Buyer confirms everything is correct. Midnight grey is Adidas’ name for the navy blue.

Bought a pair of these about a month ago. LOVE them! I work multiday outdoor sporting events in the rain, mud, elements, and in both events that I’ve worn these for so far (rained during both) my feet stayed very dry. Highly recommend!!

I absolutely agree! If these weren’t an off color is be buying another pair.

I wasn’t able to find the exact differences between the two, but I’ve had two pairs of the Adidas Swift R GTX shoes. I play disc golf, and this sport is a terrific way to test and tear up shoes.

The Adidas have been my favorite shoe for disc golf, hiking, and anything else I can throw at them (pun sort of intended.) I just got two pairs of these AX2s, and I fully expect them to be just as good

I wish they had these in 13 LOVE LOVE LOVE

Sport Woot fool Elgallo is not the same color shoes as appear in the sale advertisement, anyway I like the colors and the style. I going to wear, next time to be more specific about the description. Foully El Gallo.