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Get your workout on with these boards and bench stations. Make it burn!

Do people still say that?

Does the crunch pad recline? I want to be able to make it more difficult after I totally dominate it.

I’m looking at the Deluxe Utility Bench, but I’m not finding many reviews. One guy on Amazon said it’s okay, but said it’s a bit wobbly. I’d love to hear some more feedback if anyone has one or found a spot with more reviews.

I recently bought this bench from Amazon for $199. It’s built very solid, however the two swing arms that hold the upper frame to the base are the weak point. So yes it is a bit wobbly. I don’t really see the point of being able to move the bench forward and back with respect to the base. It really just adds weight and makes what would otherwise be a very sturdy bench a little wobbly. Aside from that the bench is fantastic though. I’ve thought about adding a bolt or something to lock the base and upper part together.

I’ve been using it for bench, inclined bench, leg extension… It is easy to adjust up and down, and yes it does decline, not super far, but it does, and there is a pin to lock out the lower leg pads for doing decline sit-ups.

The leg extension part is removable if you didn’t want it on there. And it’s sturdy enough. I’ve done one leg extensions with 70 plus pounds and it is still smooth. Amazon has some weights at decent prices as well.

Thanks for the feedback Holmtech!
Found a little more info here about the bench-

I’m still torn between this and the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 3.1. You definitely get more flexibility from the Adidas product though. Is the wobble negligible or rather distracting and a safety concern?


It’s definitely negligible when using it. If you just stand beside it and rock the bench back and forth you can move it maybe an inch at best. Much less when sitting on it. Definitely not a safety concern.

Anybody get theirs, or even have it shipped yet? I ordered the utility bench and have had no movement yet. It can be ordered for 139 shipped in two days if you have prime(vs 134 shipped on this deal), so I am trying to figure out if these are heading out.