Adidas Training Is Bound For Glory

What’s your training look like these days?

Does anyone know if these are the soft cotton T-shirts? The grey one said it was a 90/10 cotton polyester blend and those are really comfy. Same shirt, different color?

I don’t know about the shirts, but I bought the ice packs on here, and they’re super soft and moldeable. Usually I have to wrap ice packs in a towel or pillowcase, but these feel great right on the skin for up to 15 minutes. I squeeze it a bit when it starts to warm up, and the cold beads go to the outside. Love them! They wouldn’t wrap around the head, but can be wrapped and velcroed on ankles/knees/elbows/wrists/etc. I mainly lay them on my eyes, on my temples, on my head, and neck for headache relief.

The shirts are soft cotton, and awesome. If they had them in my size, I’d max order again and my wife could toss out more of my beat around shirts.

The Polar RS100 is really good… I use it all the time for working out. But it’s only $66 on Amazon with free shipping, compared to $64 on here with the $5 shipping. Pretty bad deal. :frowning:

Plus deals are often improved if you take advantage of the $5 All You Can Ship program. Say like buying something in the woot-off and then going crazy in the Plus deals.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know that.

There has to be an error with the adjustable speed hurdle… most adjustable speed hurdles are less than $60 (list price) for a set of FIVE or more hurdles. (SKLZ for example has a 5 pack for 59.99 and that’s full price… in retail stores it’s significantly less for the 5 pack). $25 marked down from $59.99 for a SINGLE speed hurdle!!!

My wife and I both got the RS100 last month. It’s been great and perfect for our needs. You can buy accessories to download the data from the watch to your computer. However I’ve been told that if you want to do all that or want to allow multiple people to use one watch to get the higher up models.
We got ours at for $39. They have them on their now for $57 w/ free shipping

If you Google the Adidas brand speed hurdle you’ll find the price is right. Not saying it’s worth it for Adidas, but still.