adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Size 10.5

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Size 10.5

Yeezy! Those are some fugly shoes!


I can’t believe I’m seeing Yeezy’s in a Woot-Off, whaaaaaaaaaaat


Those are hideous!! :face_vomiting:



Their ugliness offends me. Kind of wish they were even remotely close to my size.

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Fugly doesn’t even begin to describe them…

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resell them!!

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Are these shoes for ants?!?

cute little booties for your little one!

haha people have no idea how much these are worth!

Kanye West must have really small feet.

So how many did you buy?

I only got one, thought that was the limit!

These are misprinted rejects that didn’t meet quality control standards.
The SPLY-350 message is backwards.


I have no doubt that if they were worth that much, Woot would sell them for that much. Woot is just a regular online retail site now.

I get a lot of shoes, I can safely say they are both worth that much and not worth that much cause they are hideous

You only got one? What about your other foot?

Ebay sold items show they are going for $131.

Also clothing items are the most returned item. And Paypal will be keeping their fee if an item is returned now.