Adirondack Chairs (Your Choice)

Almost positive you can make one for less…

Do these chairs come assembled? If not, how difficult is assembly and what exactly are the assembly steps?

Should be:[list]
[]seat/rear legs (pre-assembled)
]seatback (pre-assembled)
[]bolt/screw pack
]cardboard box for your cat[/list]

Instructions are/should be included but y’know dang well y’ain’t gunna read’m

Don’t buy these chairs! I bought four in March and the wood is already delaminating. Shoddy and cheap is my best description of these chairs.

[MOD: We’ve never sold this brand of these chairs previously]

I also purchased these. I sent emails and I tried calling the support number but it was out of service. The chairs were damaged and I wanted to get replacement parts. Very cheap and not made well.

[MOD: Sorry for the problem, I see that you accepted a partial refund on 02/24. I hope this resolved your issue.]

Haha, funny this came up as the sale today as I just put these in the dumpster this morning as they are junk. I bought them the last time they were on sale. They were junk when I got them, several screws just could hold… and after being outside a bit… they just rotted through.

[MOD: We’ve never sold this brand of these chairs previously]

+1! Mine are the same. Been outside for a few weeks and they’re falling apart. These things are crap. Do not buy.

We have 6 of these. Bought them on woot when they were 1/2 the price they are today. Still the biggest ripoff. Very cheaply made with missing parts and broken wood. Its like theyre just for show. We like to sit in our chairs…if you do too, these aren’t the chairs for you.

These chairs are from a different manufacturer than the ones that ran before on Woot. These are well made chairs.

I bought Cool-Living Painted Adirondack Chair June 2017 for $39.99 (list $99.99) they are crap. I’ve done everything I can to keep them together and after this summer they would be firewood except I don’t trust the paint that was used so they will end up in the dump. Looking back at the pictures from June and the pictures today they are the same chair, so either they changed the name raised the price and are the same chairs or Woot is just using the same pictures. In any case I won’t be buying these chairs.

[MOD: We’ve never sold this brand of these chairs previously]

Save your money for another brand. I, too, bought four of these last time they were on Woot. As soon as the moisture hit them (which hasn’t been much in Texas) they delaminated. The paint has also peeled off in other areas. Very disappointing purchase. Be warned. They’ll prob last longer than the 90 day warranty, but barely. Feeling ripped off :rage:

Recommend you read the other reviews before considering. I wish I could have. :roll_eyes:

I agree with all of the negative reviews about these chairs…they are junk.

I bought two, one came broken [sent it back] and the other lasted less than one summer before falling apart.

Do not waste your money.

Woot - please do not sell these here anymore.


(unless you want to farm mushrooms)

These are not sealed, not well assembled, and will rapidly turn into a mass of rotting wood covered with lacy white mushrooms if left outside at all.

They are complete garbage. The photos also don’t match the product. There are many more exposed screw holes in the real chairs.

Woot should never, ever, ever, sell them again. Make the manufacturer take them back.

[MOD: We’ve never sold this brand of these chairs previously]

I suppose if you grind them into pulp, make paper, form a bag, then fill the bag with the assorted cheap screws from the chairs, you can make yourself an artisanal Bag-O-Carp. That would be the best use for these “chairs.”

It;s the first time woot is running them from this manufacturer, All previous ones were from a different mfg

WHY DO YOU KEEP OFFERING THESE CHAIRS?! THEY ARE TERRIBLE AND YOU ARE SELLING BROKEN PRODUCTS! If I see these chairs on here again I will never buy from Woot again.

[MOD: We’ve never sold this brand of these chairs previously]

As others have said, the chairs are junk. They are made from some sort of plywood, not boards. The plywood is not waterproof and it de-laminates after it gets wet a few times.

Someone has posted that the ones being offered are not the same. If so then please tell us, what exactly are they made of? Are they made from boards or plywood? Why type of wood?

Can you send us a link to some verified reviews of THESE chairs, to prove your point?