Adj Laptop Desk/Bed Tray- A6-BLACK

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Adj Laptop Desk/Bed Tray- A6-BLACK
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, May 13 to Thursday, May 14) + transit
Condition: New


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Great product! I bought it the last time the woot-off was taking place & I use it every night. Keeps my laptop much cooler than using my laptop on a pillow or lap. I recommend this to anyone who spends time watching tv with a laptop open on their lap.

Sorry to break it to Wooters, but this price is the same as it’s always been from just about every vendor. I bought this stand two yrs ago from another online vendor (though it was the model with the usb cooling fan), and the price? $39.99. It’s a great item (albeit, lacking the cooling fan), but let’s not get too crazy about the price…

My mistake- it was actually a different brand entirely. But it’s essentially the exact same thing, but with a fan and little mousepad (coffee mug tray, if you like?) attachment, yet still the same design and price:

Either way, it still is a good product and worthwhile purchase.