Adjustable 28" Sit Stand Workstation

Adjustable 28" Sit Stand Workstation

I assembled the desk according to directions and it looks exactly like the photos and video, EXCEPT that the desktop is slanted at a 15 degree angle and everything slides off. The angle is not adjustable. My floor is flat, the feet of the desk are set flat. Had I not installed some really grabby rubber feet to my laptop it would slide off, too. Wireless mouse slides off, everything I need nearby slides off. The pictures show a little plant and other objects on the desk along with the laptop, everything flat and stable.
It is heavier than I expected, which is good, I guess. It does not have casters, so when you need to move it you have to carry it.

Based on the images you probably just need to adjust the feet on the bottom - they should screw in/out to adjust the angle of the desk surface.

Already did that, adjusted as far as I could. Still couldn’t overcome the 15 degree tilt of the table top. The mount that attaches to the tabletop is at an angle itself.

Possibly the bracket that holds the tray to the tube needs to be rotated 180°?

Yes and no. The bracket is welded, doesn’t turn. So I did take the whole thing apart and turned the support post around, which put the handle and such opposite of what the pictures show. I discovered that the insert to the post, the part that adjusts the height, was actually inserted backwards (came that way) but I can’t change that. So when I put it all together with the post turned around there is a very slight tilt away from me now, but I can live with it, things don’t slide off. Good desk, but gotta watch that I don’t tip it over.

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