Adjustable Memory-Foam Gaming Chair

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Adjustable Memory-Foam Gaming Chair
Price: $43.99
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Best line from the Amazon descrtiption:
“Typical user will experience a legless, free roaming affect.”

So your legs just kind of wander off on their own? Heh.

Anyone know what the bottom (the part that touches the floor) is made of? Would this be suitable for using on a bed as a backrest?

This style of chair is usually a metal frame so it can fold flat and adjust the angle of the backrest (think of the old 3 fold patio furniture things), so it may be a little awkward on the bed. I have something similar, and I couldn’t use it on my bed.

Yeah, but…I’m wondering if this could be added atop a beaten down desk chair…you know the type… black vinyl…wheels trapped in dog hair… but still viable except now needs better padding… Yeah, we’ve got a couple of those :stuck_out_tongue: