Adjustable Snow Tire Chains

Does anyone else cringe when they see it is $.01 cheaper to add 2 2-packs than 1 4-pack?

Are these reusable?

Vendor confirmed that these are reusable.

Are they illegal in any states?

We wouldn’t have that info. Please check with your state and local agencies.

There are ridiculously scary reviews of this product all over the web. It sounds like they are actually dangerous in so many ways. I am definitely staying clear of this…as the price is the same as legitimate ones that work well.

I tried looking for a review and I couldn’t find one. Can you send a link?

The scary reviews I read were for the one-time use zip tie style snow chains.

Personally, I think most people who buy these sorts of things are doing it to avoid actual chains, and probably don’t know how to drive with these things to begin with. The one-time zip ties you definitely would only use in an emergency stuck situation, and not actual driving for any amount of time.

The few reviews I’ve seen for this reusable model are here: