Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements 13

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Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements 13
Price: $49.99
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10/14/2016 - $49.99 - Click To See Discussion (20 comments)

So, what does this do for me that Paint.NET doesn’t do?

it relieves you of $49.99 ( + $5 Shipping )?

Something that works on a mac. Also video editing.

Of course, it is two versions old…

I’m still using version 7 and this is $100 less than the current version on the mothership, in for 1.

I’m not a Mac person (although I do have one), but to me one of the best features of a Mac was Imovie with regards to simplicity and intuitiveness. Is Premiere elements that much better then Imovie? As far as photo editing, there is Gimp which is a very powerful tool and will work on Mac OS.

Can you install this via the web or does it have to be installed using the DVDs? My laptop doesn’t have a DVD player.

Here are the differences between Photoshop 13 and the newer 14 and 15 versions…

I was wondering the same thing. My wife’s new laptop is sans drive…

You can get this at Target dot com for $35.

$49.99 is the list price. This is not a good Woot deal.

[MOD: Totally different item. That’s their classroom in a book product for elements only.]

You can also get PSE 15 on Amazon for $39.99 today:

This doesn’t include the Premiere Elements, but it is the latest version.

Under the “specs” tab

The system requirements section states:

DVD-ROM drive (for installation from DVD)

The listing mentioned at Target for $35 is a book on photoshop elements, not the software.

The current version of Photoshop and Premiere Elements costs $120 everywhere I can see. ($80 for Student/Teacher version). You can get PSE 15 alone for $40, but that’s photo editing only.

At $55 this seems like a reasonable deal. I don’t have this software, so I can’t comment on it’s value, but I’m tempted to get this or the current Student/Teacher version and try it out.

If you buy this version it will constantly nag you to upgrade, right? This is basically a vehicle for Adobe to sell an upgrade. The real question is, is it worth saving $60 to constantly be nagged by your software? I have Paintshop Pro (now owned by Corel) and every time I open it, it nags me to upgrade to the latest version. PPE 13 would be the same thing, I assume.

I use PS Elements 11 and it’s never once tried to get me to upgrade. Can’t vouch for newer versions, but I wouldn’t expect that to change.

Since Adobe is going to be transitioning to a monthly subscription, is it worth it to buy this one and just ride it tilt’s outdated?

Have they announced moving these consumer products to subscription?

It would have to be pretty cheap, since you can get real Photoshop and Lightroom for ten dollars a month.