Adobe Road Cabernet Sauvignon Two - Pack

Adobe Road Cabernet Sauvignon Two - Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley
1 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley
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Winery website

Some nice age on these cabs already.

Winery: how much longer, if any, can/should these babies be held

Only one review on CT across both wines, for the 2003, rates it 92 and sounds good until the reviewer calls it a ‘Napa’ cab.

I feel like I have seen these somewhere, like in a local store. Are they somewhat widely distributed?

WE’s Steve Heimoff on the 2004 Alexander Valley Cab.

I’m in for one. Rat me baby!

Cabernet Sauvignon - $45.00 & Over - 2008 Award Winners

SCHOTT ZWIESEL Gold - Adobe Road Winery 2004 Alexander Valley $45.00

Adobe Road Winery 2003 Alexander Valley $45.00 is the producer of the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Looks like it might be worth trying.

It seems like people don’t differentiate Alexander Valley and Knights Valley from Napa for some reason. I’d have no idea either if it came down to a blind tasting, but if someone is posting to CT, then they have access to (a) the appellation and (b) the internet. (a) + (b) = (c) not Napa.

Why is Kansas not on the list??? Direct shipping is available in Kansas according to free the grapes.

I’m ready to be a rat!

Each winery has to have its own licenses for each state. Some wineries choose not to enter every market because the time, costs or profit make it undesirable for them at this time… I mean, WD, perhaps it would an appropriate time to add a response to this question to the faq.

edit: really thinking about this one. Maybe the morning light will make me choose ahead of the deadline.

I’ve yet to have a Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley that wasn’t delicious. But I’ve only had 4 or 5. They are usually a safe bet when ordering at a restaurant or making recommendation.

The Wine Spies like the 2003
They sold it for $33.75 per bottle.

Ok. I’m just going to throw this in here… When do we get some reasonably priced, properly made, adequately sized WINE RACKS?!? Some of us have coming out our ears and blocking access to our microwaves, laundry facilities, and bathroom doors! We need a half-price version of this here on wine.woot/wednesday! :wink:


2004 Vintage Report Card from Wine Spectator, mentions Alexander Valley

They rate Sonoma County a B+, quote:

Winery website lists both the '03 and '04 in their library selection for $45 or $36 for members. 2003 does not appear to be available for purchase when adding to cart. $14 ground shipping to a business for two bottles to Colorado.

Agreed, K. I hate it when you can’t get, say, claret old enough in California. Never seen 7-yr old sold before in the new world, or even on woot since I’ve been on. Hardly old in my book, but it’s a start. Want to see how early drinking these are too, in case it’s “this year or else”. Off to the Internets to find out!

I’m with you I love wines from Alexander Valley and this looks like a wonderful deal on a wine for a special occasion.

I had a chance to meet Kevin Buckler at the Nascar Media Tour this year during a wine tasting featuring his Adobe Road wine. Kevin’s a great guy and in speaking to him it’s really obvious that he’s got a passion for both his wines and his racing (both sports car and Nascar).

Also, the wine was pretty tastey too!

[How good is this deal?](" title="How good is this deal?)

And WD continues to play games with us, as this offer features two Library wines, one of which appears to be listed as unavailable on the winery website (the wine is listed, but the website indicates there 0 available when you try to place the order – presumably the remaining inventory is allocated to this woot offer).

In any case, based on the current prices for these Library wines, this is a screaming deal (EWN Alert level). Click the link above for full discount details, CT prices and links, etc…

My love of Cab Sauv. has once again gotten the better of me. Ready and willing to Rat this, although I imagine it’s going to sell out before the rat reports even get posted!