Adobe Road Cabernet Sauvignon Two - Pack

Sigh - available or not at the website, no shipping to CT on this one and I woulda jumped in on this one.

Jumping in for two: one to try now and one to cellar for a while.

I’ve judged this wine every year at the Florida International Wine Competition, and it always wins medals. In fact, nearly every wine Adobe Road enters wins a gold or silver medal. I was so impressed with their consistency year after year that last year I joined their wine club. This is an excellent deal on some of the best wine woot has offered. In for three.

I know rpm will tell me that the big wineries make great wines too, but THIS is why I love this site. Small production, typically good juice and a bottle I can open with friends that they have never seen or tasted before!

In for one…ratty, yada yada.

Very good idea. Although I’ll be mad if they put up a rack now, I just bought my 64 bottle rack just 2 weeks ago.

No shipping to Louisiana? I’ve heard that sometime contacting the winery directly will open up some doors. Any advise? This looks like a deal I want in on.

Wine racks would be a great wine.woot! (1) has to have individual storage - no cubes, and (2) has to be reasonable price/bottle of storage.

I picked up a set (cough, before deadline) and maybe I’ll suggest to my race loving dad that he should purchase.

Is that song supposed to be sung to the beach boys?

More medals over here

Go team USA!

Well, like the intro implies, it’s a medley, not just one song. Here’s a hint… it’s the famous medley that comprises the entire second side of “AdoBE Road”. Including that immortal advice “And in the end, the Woot you take, is equal to the Woot you make.”

Does that help to place it in the Hit Parade?

BTW Woot folks, loved it, very clever! Especially that “Sunday’s on the phone to Monday” – that’s a nice fit.

Eh, I’d rather see the standard NSF 168 bottle rack. Doesn’t have individual storage, but holds a hell of a lot more at a much lower price point ($85 shipped from Sam’s Club). I’d be in for three…just because.

Little about when to drink, but here are some pointers:

  1. On the Snooth review it says drink now to 2015, and the producer’s review )first comment on snooth) implies about the same.

What I did find on the producer’s website was interesting:

  1. the 03 and 04 are both from the 02 vintage grapes - SEE the bottom of THIS page (02 was then from a previous year’s grapes) and they were bottle aged for 19 and 25 months respectively.

  2. They say:
    03:Enticing nose of vanilla, dark berries, cranberry and cassis, this is a big, concentrated wine with good structure and loads of fruit on the palate – a handcrafted, small production Cabernet Sauvignon at half the price of its competitors.
    04: This is a powerhouse of a wine packed with big bold blackberry fruit followed by vanilla, coconut, chocolate and a slight pinch of orange peel.

  3. The producer has moved on mostly to Pinot Noir, it seems. Probably due to demand. and they win awards for the Pinots too.… probably in for 3, but is this really competitive in quality with $80-100-bottle wines as they claim? And is it really still good for keeping if you want to, as they claim? (“half the price of its competitors”). If so, storming deal. Love to hear some seriously experienced rat tasters on this one.

  1. That’s it

By eck then if you’re an expert, tell us about it! kept any notes?

Love to know if it’s as good as they claim (as in competing in quality with $80-100 bottles)

In the interest of science, in for 1.

The problem with your question is that you are assuming that $80-$100 bottles are inherently better than a $40 bottle or a $20 bottle. I can find a $100 bottle that will get destroyed by a $15 bottle and vice versa. As gcdyersb always says, the suggested retail price is always BS and price is never an exact indicator of quality.

We are so excited to be on woot! Woo-hoo!

If you have some tools, some time, and some space to work in, Corrado has posted some excellent instructions on building inexpensive, high capacity diamond-shaped racks.

I’ll try to find it and post a link.

edited to include the link:

In for 3, rat?

Yes, these wines are aging wonderfully. I would say they have another 5 years on them too.

We have distribution in about 12 different states. We didn’t submit these wines for ratings so I’m suprised to see that there is a score. A 92’s pretty good.