Adobe Road Cabernet Sauvignon - Two Pack Woot Info Post
I wanna be a kid!

Adobe Road Cabernet Sauvignon - Two Pack - $44.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

1 * 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley, 1 * 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley

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I’ve too much cab already, and these look rather mundane.

Oh not mundane - got these the last time they were offered and they were really good. Try it, you probably will enjoy it.

splendid baconage. now, I wasn’t sure, but then I read the rats’ interlocutor, who seems to sound as if he knows what he’s talking about

(more fool us!:wink:

this will methinks be international style, but likely a better one of the ilk

can you remember enough to elaborate with fruit, tannin, acid and other such things? ":smiley:

this is what I discovered last time:

Little about when to drink, but here are some pointers:

  1. On the Snooth review it says drink now to 2015, and the producer’s review )first comment on snooth) implies about the same.

What I did find on the producer’s website was interesting:

  1. the 03 and 04 are both from the 02 vintage grapes - SEE the bottom of THIS page (02 was then from a previous year’s grapes) and they were bottle aged for 19 and 25 months respectively.

  2. They say:
    03:Enticing nose of vanilla, dark berries, cranberry and cassis, this is a big, concentrated wine with good structure and loads of fruit on the palate – a handcrafted, small production Cabernet Sauvignon at half the price of its competitors.
    04: This is a powerhouse of a wine packed with big bold blackberry fruit followed by vanilla, coconut, chocolate and a slight pinch of orange peel.

  3. The producer has moved on mostly to Pinot Noir, it seems. Probably due to demand. and they win awards for the Pinots too.… probably in for 3, but is this really competitive in quality with $80-100-bottle wines as they claim? And is it really still good for keeping if you want to, as they claim? (“half the price of its competitors”). If so, storming deal. Love to hear some seriously experienced rat tasters on this one.

  1. That’s it

wait, I may be wrong, but I believe he edited it in aFter you posted. which is against the gentlemen’s rules.

I vaguely remember GV being unimpressed with an Adobe Road Syrah in a WLTV episode not too long ago. That has no bearing here, obviously, but I knew I recalled the producer from somewhere.

And at $25/bottle, this is a little out of the range where “try it, you’ll enjoy it” is a sufficiently compelling endorsement.

Besides, I really do have more than enough cab to last me through the winter. Or at least the weekend, depending on what all happens with SWMBO out of town. :tongue:

Mayhaps, but who am I to challenge a fellow Wooter’s bacon? If there’s one thing the Old Testament taught us, it’s that bacon simply isn’t worth it.

Oh, and for the record, NightGhost, I was looking back over my CT notes to gauge scores for a couple mediocre whites I tasted tonight, and noticed that I apparently thought the Soiree did a decent job on a $20 Bordeaux a few weeks ago. So perhaps it’s not completely worthless. :tongue:

who’s GV?

YEs, I’m trying to get my hands on some nice “parker international” versions to see if I really can like them. but I’m waiting til the descriptions really universally point to a buy, and at about $20-25 or under if poss :smiley: though you have to pay a threshold to get well-made etc. there are some current ones in the “deals” thread I’m looking at too.

Yeah, but there have to be rules and good behaviour, even for fanatical obsessives! Or it just gets silly…

Have had a bunch of their syrah recently and its ok - big and fruit forward. Id expect the cab to be the same, but the syrah is at a much better price point.

No - I wouldn’t do that intentionally. I did add the other links after my initial post of the previous Woot (as fast as I could).

This is one of the best wines woot ever offers. I’m shocked they have these two vintages again, as the wine is usually allocated. These are two of my favorite cabs, and I routinely pay double that for the new release.

Then buy two and share one with the rest of us. :slight_smile:

You don’t know the Gary?

And if this Woot-Off goes into an unprecedented third day (the horror!), spring for the Andrew Murray if it shows up again. I think that’s about as Parkerized as wine can get.

Already bought three, as I do every time they come up. I belong to their club, and bought a case of these direct at twice the price when they were offered last year. Both are big fruit with chocolate and coffee, my favorite.

I joined their club after judging their wines at the state fair every year and noticing that almost every wine won gold or double gold. Haven’t had a loser from them yet.

Good description. I buy the Andrew Murray every time, too. The best Rhone style wines on woot.