Adrienne Rugs

These rugs are Rocky approved.

Your feature descriptions are the same on every rug, same color scheme and all! Is there an editing prize award?

Hmmmmm. Something seems wrong there. Yep. I think you’re on to something. I’ll pop off an email. Thanks for pointing out the err of our ways.

Update: Nope, it’s correct the way it is. It’s talking about the colors for the collection of Andrienne rugs, not the individual run in the sale.

The non-slip rug pads hold very well and are actually almost as big as the rugs they’re designed to fit under; there’s maybe 1/2" of rug on each side which DOESN’T have rug pad under it, and I’ve had very little movement from my rugs on my hardwood floors even with two large cats running the Catucky Derby across them a few times a day.

However, the seller shipped 'em using FedEx Home Delivery AND required signature. FedEx HD follows its own rules, and refused to honor my delivery instructions on-file with FedEx. Now, you’d think a service called “home delivery” would have hours when, you know, people are actually HOME, but no… they deliver during regular business hours, same as anyone else. I wound up having to have them to hold delivery (for three days) until a Saturday so I could be present to sign.

Received the rug pad today. it was drop-shipped by oriental weavers out of dalton, GA. Had a big lots sticker on it. The stench on the rug pad is horrendous. Its below freezing outside, and I am forced to keep the windows open to let out the nasty smell from the pad. Not sure how long it will take to get rid of the smell though.

Cleo - wish I read your comment before. I have the same problem with Fedex HD. What a freakin joke. Woot can leave $700 computers on my door step but not a $16.99 piece of smelly crap!! Very disappointed in the lack of attention to detail shown by woot in the last few months.