ADS MXL-581 Media-Link Entertainment Receiver



Froogle: $69.95 $73-85
Shopzilla: $79-90
Yahoo!: $69.95 - 82.99

Review by CNET: 6 out of 10


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ADS MXL-581 Media-Link Entertainment Receiver
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 ADS Tech MXL-581 Media-Link Entertainment Receiver



Froogle Link Minimum Price $64.99

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $65.95

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $79.46


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i have one of these. pretty reliable system


Really cool product.
If I didn’t already have a network MythTV box…


I NEED this to be 1080p!


I’m in for 1 if I can figure out a use for this. Any input anyone…anyone?


Hmmm anyone have a personal review ?


$20 off doesn’t seem worth it.



A video out compatible video card eliminates the need for this


Huh, this has got exactly the same processor as my old PalmPilot.

Fascinating, but what good does it actually do?


This looks very tempting, but the big question is, does it run Linux? Also, I need it to be at least 720p or 1080i.


does this support .wmv’s?


Does anyone know if this plays WMA lossless files? I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.


Here is a very good review of this unit with all the techie stuff


i really like this, however i have a laptop that will do the same thing.


EXACTLY and most pcs come with them today


if it sells out or something, just go here.