ADS Tech USB Instant Video Capture Device & Software



three for me!


1 for me… i forgotz to press i wantz 3 :’(


Way to clear out the warehouse woot! Can these be used like a usb tuner ?


nice, but I just bought the game encoder. the price is right for anyone who missed the game encoder thing.


In for 3! I have no idea why, but I just can’t pass up a penny deal… they go on eBay for around $10 a piece, so maybe I can turn them over.


i’m not really sure what it is, but if it goes from computer to TV I’ll buy it for $5. give me three! one for me, one for my brother, and one for my favorite nerd friend ever.

way to break my sellout.woot cherry! :smiley:


First woot! In for 3.


Ummmm…I only bought this because it is $.01, and I’m looking for stocking stuffers. What does this do??? I read the description, but it went right over my head…


Hum, 3 Days in a Row
Bought 3 each time
Lots of boxes coming to the house


I’m a sucker for the penny deal sigh. Oh well, I guess I got my momentary shopper’s rush at least. . .

Now I just have to buy a camcorder to use this with - how bout it Woot?


wow… i can throw my dazzle out the window now!

3 for me!


Oi… 15 -20 frames a second? And I snagged 3 before I read that.


I think I needed one of these, I hope it works. 2 left over for some lucky friend! 1st sellout woot!!!


this work at all on the mac?


sweetness. first time I can say “In for 3” and not be broke :slight_smile:


Hit the wrong button and only got 1!!! No!!!


Yea buddy, In for 3 again.

Man I love this place!


Freaking seriously, is this crap gonna happen every day? Because I think I’m gonna be getting a call from my credit monitoring company wondering why $5.03 is being charged every single day from this weird site.


condition: New
1 ADS Tech USB Instant Video Capture Device - USBAV-190
$0.01 + $5 shipping