ADS USB 2.0 SimpleTouch Hard Drive Case w/Backup Software


I have Rainbow Sherbert version of this… that is Firewire/USB2.0. It works well, though I had some ODD problems in Win2k… but now that all my machines are running XP Pro, this case runs flawlessly. I think i’ll blame my problems more on Woot’s crappy refurb WD caviar drives than this enclosure.

It is made of a plastic shell, and a (rather tough) thick aluminum plating on the inside (to which the harddrive is mounted with screws, and protected with a lid, though I just leave mine open because I swap drives out of it so often.)

It DOES have a fan (rather loud… but still quieter than my relatively quiet computer. I j ust keep it under my desk, and I can’t even hear it).


A few things missing from the description: Does it have a fan? What size drive does it support?



I had two of these suckers, both failed on me in under 6 months taking my hd’s with them.

Definately do not buy IMHO.


What’s wrong with Glenfiddich??


WIll the 250g harddrive from the wootoff fit in this?


Why? USB 2 is about the same speed.


It’s one of the first things stated… 3.5"


Use it for anything you want - it will look the same as any other hard drive to your Operating System


I bought one at Office Depot last month. Black Aluminum case…very sturdy and Cypress chipset…not a cheap taiwan chip. It works as advertised.


I have one. It’s an extremely easy install (I installed a a WD drive I bought in a Woot Off).

It converts from IDE to USB 2.0 and is really reliable.


I’m really confused as to why ANYONE would advertise USB 2.0 for a drive if it’s not SATA. I mean USB connectivity is nice, but it can only do IDE so trying to pawn it off as though it has 480MBps capability is insulting. It’s a good backup use for tho old IDE’s tho, so it’s a good deal hands down. Just that little detail is annoying.


No, I meant CAPACITY.


Awesome! :purchase:


Does anyone know if the backup software can be configured to only back up changed files or if it wants to backup everything, whether that data has changed or not?


Some tech answers from the manufacturers Knowledge Base. Page title is Top Ten Questions, but they only list seven. I thought that was funny.


Uh, why? That’s way overpriced.

No fan, no woot.


Please read the description. Then buy the darned thing. The price is terrific. I just paid 49 bucks at frys for one.


i just got a sata enclosure off of pricewatch for 30 bucks, and a 320 gig sata2 drive for it for 100.


Yes, you could use it for added storage as well.
It’s not a fabulous deal, and there are better enclosures out there (I notice they call it whisper-quiet, but I didn’t see an actual fan mentioned), but it’s a decent price for this build quality, and it should be easy for you to put together.


I’m pretty sure you can drop a 500GB into this thing.