ADS USB 2.0 SimpleTouch Hard Drive Case w/Backup Software

Yeah, this isn’t the usual $20 paper machet enclosure you find online. The aluminum seems too keep the drive pretty cool. I believe the frame it mounts to is actually steel though. I haven’t had any problems.

It’s not SATA

This is a nice drive kit. Aluminum to boot. Currently running a 300gb IDE hard drive with no issues. Was told I could go to 500 gb but HD is too expensive.

The IDE drives will. (The drives that were sold first in the last woot-off.) The SATA drives will not work.

Hey, does this thing sleep your HDD when it isn’t transferring data? I have an external enclosure that keeps the HDD spinning, and no way can that be good.

Right you are again, Spork. Couldn’t have said it better so I won’t try. 'Nite all.

Yes you can use the 250 WD Caviar with this

How do you know, though? Some USB enclosures only go up to 300. It’s all in the chipset.
The crappy ones I bought from CompUSA turned out not to take 300GB Seagates even though the docs said they would. So don’t bet on it unless you look it up.

Yes, it’s for 3.5" IDE hard drives like the one in your desktop. You can use it for backup or as any other drive (for example, mine is E: and contains all of my music files).

Really? I have one and it’s worked fine for me for a long time. I don’t use it that often though.

edit: a decent Woot for anyone whose looking for something to occasionally swap some stuff around.
Also, the description says IDE/ATA, for whoever asked.

so did Wonderstew do the picturework today? :wink:

Stops and starts wear on the motor quite a bit, too.


Sounds like PATA to me.

Nothing like running an archive drive constantly, though. Starts and stops rare in this case. I wonder if the companion software allows you to control that?

Generally it would support up to a 500gb ide from my experience buying multiple external cases

It’s “missing” from the description because there’s no fan.

The ADS product page says “Supports all 3.5’’ Hard Drives”

For anyone who has this already, how big is the external power supply? Is it a little ac adapter or a big ol’ power brick?

I’ve gotten a few of these type cases and most hard drives (80+ GB) get really hot without a fan in there.

$15 - $20 is an average price for one of these (without a fan) if you shop a little. I used to go to the Compusa and get their brand with the biz acct discount.

Those would cost me 16.99 - I’d use a dremel tool, mod the box to mount a PC case fan on top - not pretty, but I had lots of fans I’ve salvaged from ancient PCs headed for recycling.

None of the cheap cases I got came with backup software worth a damn, so this might be an alright deal for the home user - if the software doesn’t completely suck.


Aluminum case = great heatsink.

The backup software select folders to backup, so if there are additional files, it will grab them.