Aduro 1080P DVR Dash Cam

Aduro 1080P DVR Dash Cam

FWIW, $20 on the Mothership, 3 star rating.


What about the battery? How long does it last on a charge?

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Dash cams have to be plugged in. The internal battery is only there so it can save the file at shutoff.

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Bought this on AliExpress like 2 or 3 years ago, works good, much to be desired like build quality but it does its job. Comes with a really short mini-USB to USB cable and a crazy long car socket to mini-USB cable.

Takes in at most 64GB microSD and can record in 10 minute clips at most, hard to read license plates but if it’s close enough and not moving crazy fast you can make out the letters and numbers. At night is a big issue as it often catches glare.

Does it require 12VDC (from the lighter socket), or does it plug into a USB adapter in that lighter socket, in which case it would work (plugged into a power bank) much like a body-cam…

Found the manual. There’s some vague information there.
Manual | AA-DVC500-06 | DVC500 Manual – Aduro Products

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I recommend you avoid this camera. I ordered and received two. Both did NOT have a widescreen lens installed. They both had a zoom lens. The advertised field of view (FOV) of the lens is 135 degrees (should easily provide coverage several feet beyond either end of the front bumper. What I received barely fit a single person within view from the windshield to the bumper and a measured FOV of 15-20 degrees. This is not simply the difference between what is seen on the viewfinder and what is recorded - verified that what is seen is what is recorded as well. Also, the recording mode was set at 1080p - it did not record at 1080p, the output was more in line with VGA.

If you are interested in the option to record audio with the video, the audio stream buzzed and clicked - likely from the power connection, but not very helpful.

A cheap camera is what you get. Can’t image this product having any value at list price let alone at the sale price.