Aduro 2.5" TFT Dashcam

This Aduro 2.5" dashcam looks the same as several other brands with the same style on Amazon, they range in price from around $15 to about $50.

I have one that’s the same style, don’t remember the exact name brand. So the following is assuming they’re the same basic camera.

It works decent enough, and would serve as evidence in an accident. Not sure if you would be able to read the license plate number if it was a hit and run or something like that. I’ve never put the card into my computer to try that yet.

You can set it for a timed loop, like 5, 10, or 15 minutes, to record continuously, or only record when it senses movement. You can also set it to record for a few minutes after turning car off.

If your outlet is not controlled by the ignition, it will not automatically turn itself off after turning off the car.

You can have it set to either record sound inside the vehicle, or not.

The cord is plenty long to run from the top center of windshield to the right or left side, then back to the middle of the dash for the lighter outlet.

I’ve been looking at the garmin dashcam20, mostly because I drive a night and there’s a good bit of vibration in-cab.

Would you say this does a decent job, enough to identify another vehicle for instance, at night or under conditions with lots of vibration or movement?

Item works great, good quality for price, excellent audio pickup (can turn off if you want). My screen broke 2 days into use however (not cracked, just garbled)

Mine lasted about three weeks before it stopped working. Screen garbled. Looking for warranty . . .