Aduro 2-Outlet & 2-USB Surge Protector

What is the amp output on the USB outlets? If it is to low it will not charge an iPad.

Highly unlikely that these have 2 Amp USB ports. If they did, it would surely be listed in specifications, since this is a basic question that everyone even moderately clued in would ask.

This detail is not even listed on the manufacturer’s web site:

I bought the 4 outlet 2 USB charger. USB outlets are marked 2.1 A and 1A. Neither one works.

The Chinese export company for the same unbranded product (LA-2SB) says max 2.1 amps for USB. If that’s accurate, it will charge an iPad.

Am I going blind, or is this not “COLORFUL” as in the description?

Where they “get ya” though, is that it’s probably 2.1 amps shared across both ports. But even if it was 2.1 per ports, it has to tell the iPad that it’s capable of that power output, or else the iPad won’t ask for it. Same thing for android devices that can draw more power and charge faster, except they need to be told in a slightly different way.

This is why most cheaper devices that can support faster charging will have one port for iDevices, and one for android devices… The better ones will have an auto-sensing design so it doesn’t matter what you plug in where, but at this price and lack of detailed information, I’m pretty sure it’s 2.1 amps shared across both ports, only under ideal conditions.

Ideal conditions being: zero load with lab-grade supply power, for only a split second while lightning strikes your house.

Sam’s Club has a two-pack of a similar highly rated version under the Sharper Image brand for 20 dollars. So 3 dollars cheaper when you consider the shipping. One of the USB ports is 2.1 amps, the other is 1 amp.