Aduro 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

Aduro 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

Hi all, does anyone know if this would work for Galaxy S10+, Gear watch and Galaxy Pro pods?Thanks!

From the vendor:

The phone slot in the front will work to wirelessly charge the Samsung models or any other wireless charging compatible phones but the other slots for the Apple Watch or the AirPods are unique to these Apple models so they won’t be compatible with those Samsung watch models or headset models.


Works for the phone and buds, but the watch doesnt fit, im waiting for them to get a deal on a samsung version of this


Amazon’s page for these has that they come with a limited life time warranty. The Woot description says 1 year. I’ve had lot of wireless chargers fail so the warranty would actually matter - and I know some manufacturers will vary the warranty based on the price / seller. Any way to confirm which is correct?

Here is the description from Amazon’s page:
“Why choose Aduro? Because we back our Wireless Phone Charging Station with a lifetime limited warranty and friendly 24/7 US customer service, so you can buy it with confidence and have complete peace of mind”

You’ll want this one found on Amazon.

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Will it work with iPhone 12 Pro Max?

I have got 2 where it says it will but when it arrives just doesn’t work. Watch , AirPods will work just fine and phone never charges


Do you have a case that could be blocking it?

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If you have a PopSocket on the phone, that will block the charge, too.

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This item should be avoided by Apple Watch owners. It overcharges the watch and makes the watch hot to the touch. That’s absolutely not right and will ruin the watch. It seems to work OK for the phone but really it’s only useful as a phone charger, and there are hundreds of choices for phone chargers.

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Anyone know hot to turn off the leds in the front? Super bright for a nightstand situation.

Also, watch does not fit with my band on… I have to remove 1side of the band to get it to sit right for charging. Very inconvenient


Came here for this. I found third-party chargers this cheap tend to be horrible for the watches. I have no idea why. But they’ve all sucked for me. This is good to know.

Lay caution to any third-party “cheap” Apple Watch chargers.

Wow should be a nightlight! The watch magnet is super weak. But having my phone line up with the charger is great.

Doesn’t matter. With or without the case it does not work for phone charging. Watch and AirPods fine but as with other proclaimed 2 in 1 or now 3 in 1 chargers just won’t work, period. Don’t recommend.

The best part of this charger stand is that it includes Maritime Signaling lights for the LED indicators. If you are the captain of a cargo ship, or run a lighthouse, you can easily use the LEDs to signal ships up to 300 NM away. On a clear night you can also signal your friends on the international space station.

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Hey Aduro (or anyone that knows), why do the blue lights keep flashing??? The lights go from sometimes solid to sometimes flashing and it’s really annoying. Why is it doing that? And no, I don’t have a case on my phone.

Aduro, please explain what blue and red solid and flashing lights mean and next time think about including that in your owners manual. :roll_eyes:

I can’t get my AirPod Pros to charge on this thing no matter where I place it.

Why do I sense sarcasm is afoot here?

I bought one a while ago and the lights were awful. I opened it up and clipped the LEDs off but then the charger wouldn’t work for some reason. The watch charger still worked but the phone wouldn’t. I have no clue why the stoopid thing would need to check the function status of the stoopid LED. I opened it back up, soldered the LEDs back on, covered them in electrical tape, and bent them back to point away from the acrylic shelf. Problem solved.

Just recently I noticed my watch getting hot while charging too. After reading the comments here I’m going to open it up again. If the power to the charger is reasonably close to 5V then remove the built in charger, convert the built in charger power leads to a female USB socket and mount my OEM charger.

I find it curious that some people were worried about the amount of electromagnetic radiation from cellphones but think nothing of wedging Bluetooth devices next to brain in their ear canals and wireless charging stations next to their beds.

FYI - I received this product and it does NOT work for my iPhone 12 mini. My brother’s iPhone 12 Pro and my wife’s iPhone 12 work fine, but the iPhone 12 mini seems to be too short to activate the charging coil.

I’ve emailed Aduro about this, but looks to be a design flaw.