Aduro 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

Not to you specifically. Just sharing the interesting but disturbing safety findings.
Those using Qi chargers may want to place it somewhere besides a night stand.

If this doesn’t charge your iPhone 12 mini, you might try putting something at the bottom of the stand (where you put your phone) to see if the added height makes a difference in charging. I know that you didn’t buy it to work that way, but it is just a thought.

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Instead of opening the unit up, why didn’t you just put black electrical tape over the led, or just take a black magic marker to color the led?

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Because I like taking things apart. The ledges to rest the phone on is the same part that the light from the led comes from and the tape would have been weird. It’s an edge lit acrylic trick to act like fiber optics. Bending the led inside the case and electrical tape worked well.