Aduro 5000mAh MagSafe Wireless Battery & Stand

Aduro 5000mAh MagSafe Wireless Battery & Stand

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I had mine stop functioning a couple days in when it was having trouble finding the wireless power signal continuously, so it kept restarting and wouldn’t stop restarting as it heated up quite a bit. I let it cool and tried it again. No wireless charging.

Okay, so I didn’t really know what to do, but anything that is repeating is something kept in memory, and the way to get the memory out of something is to soft reboot it (not an option on this device) or to drain all of the energy out to perform a hard reboot. I put my phone on it with the cable, which still works, and let it charge it. The repeated restart of charging alerted to me by my phone continued for several minutes, and then, normal cable charging began. It may have partially reset at this point, but I’m taking no half measures.

Eventually, the phone is charged, and the device does not want to stay on with no more energy left. This will not do. I hold the USB-C end that connects to the phone. The phone is no longer telling it that it’s fully charged or not getting enough charge, and it really thinks it’s providing enough of a charge to something to continue going. Knowing that the phone has a memory issue and sticks, I eventually stop holding the tip, and it continues to discharge for another day, until all lights are out and the button won’t turn them on.

Pop it on the charger after this, and you might have fixed all of the problems if you’re lucky. For those of you that have such problems, I hope my awkward explanation proves helpful. The device is decent for what it is, in spite of issues, and has found use.

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