Aduro 6000mAh Solar Powered Battery

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Aduro 6000mAh Solar Powered Battery
Price: $15.99
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Can it be charged from plugging it in for those cloudy days, or is solar charging the only option?

Solar powered charger is perfect for emergency use, not a main charging resource. It takes about 40 Hours to make the solar power bank fully charged under direct sunlight, so it is recommended to charge by wall charger, which only takes about several hours.

what phone does this work with

It says the input is 5V/1A so I assume so.

Any phone that can be charged via USB.

There is a definite lack of information about this, how many USB ports for example. I have yet to see a review about this either on Woot or the Aduro website (which is basically useless except for confirming the list price) It also appears that Groupon has the same deal assuming sales tax is about the same (which it should be)

so is this any good? how does it compare to other solar powered back up batteries?

I can’t answer your question about reviews, I find it odd myself that I can find virtually no information about this device, but according to their website it has two USB ports:

•1-amp port for smaller devices, such as smartphones
•2.1-amp port for larger devices, such as tablets

Looks exactly like the Cablenetic I bought off of Amazon a few months back, which stopped working within two weeks. The replacement died within 48 hours.

so if it can be charged from the wall, it looks like it doesn’t come with a wall charger. It would have been nice if there were pictures of all ports (like the charging port. The Aduro website has a picture of 2 devices charging, but no input

I am usually a sucker for battery back-ups (and flashlights) but too many unknowns