Aduro Amplify Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Purchased last time they were offered. Bluetooth cuts out if you don’t have your phone close to earbuds. I contacted manufacture and their response was to make sure on full charge. Found that worked for about 45 mins of use only. So if you usually put your phone in back pocket or in your bag, this brand may be a problem. I guess price in this case means quality . I wanted to give these high marks but I can’t because of Bluetooth .

Bluetooth has worked fine for me. I can walk around the office and not lose connection, maybe 20ft. Occasionally it will drop connection, I think it’s usually from inactivity. Charge lasts about 2 hours. I replaced the tips with foam tips from Comply.

The controls tend to pull the cable toward the right side but that’s my biggest complaint for budget headphones.

Do you have any specs on the frequency response? Can’t make any decision for purchase without sound quality information.

Excuse my lack of knowledge on audio specs, but is this in addition to what is shown in the linked manual?

These guys aren’t worth the $15. I purchased them last time they were around. I used them for my gym visits for a month. They always pulled to the right side as the controls on the cord are fairly heavy as well as cut out off and on. Battery life was less than half of advertised. These headphones pushed me to pony up and buy a set of Jaybirds as going cheap just didn’t cut it, even just for gym visits.

Used mine since March (3 months) and now they won’t charge anymore. So they cost $5 per month. Just temporary headphones, not something you’ll want to keep for longer than that. Ha!