Aduro ANX Rock Style Wireless Speaker

Aduro ANX Rock Style Wireless Speaker


Clicked on the link regarding the limited lifetime warranty. It brought up following paragraph just wanted to clarify how this would affect that since it’s being sold by Woot/Amazon. Thanks in advance for your help!

For products sold on &, Aduro will only honor product warranties for items purchased from seller “Entronik” (“ LLC”). If you purchase an Aduro product from any other seller on or, your Aduro warranty will not be valid.


Is there any info on the specs like watts etc etc? I’ve tried search engines and even Aduros own website and there seems to be no manual available for some reason. Their website does say manual then you’re supposed to click but nothing pops up…

Hi there. You’re not buying it on Amazon so that warranty info doesn’t apply. We buy directly from Aduro so we are covered by their warranties.

I’m asking about watts. Manufacturers have stopped listing that info.

Thanks for the super quick, as always, reply with information! Have a fabulous evening.

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Hello there TT!

Hope the Woot off went smoothly. Just wondering if they had gotten back to you with any info.


I never heard back. :frowning:

Thanks for trying :+1::slightly_smiling_face:Have a great rest of your day!

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