Aduro Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Bought one of these a few weeks ago. It works, however it is severely lacking in bass. And, you’re unable to charge it and use it at the same time.

Can I use this to stream Audio while the phone is connected to bluetooth in the car at the same time? My '11 mini does phone bluetooth, not streaming audio.

Should be able to. Using one in my Fiat Abarth to do the same, plugged into aux input and powered with the cars USB port.

WORST Woot purchase I’ve ever made. The battery life on this product is a joke. The battery life is roughly 1 to 1 and a half hours after coming off the charger. The product functions well, but considering the extremely poor battery life and relatively low cost, I’m chalking it up to a loss. I’d rather plug in my phone/mp3 player with a cord than be limited to only an hour or so of listening time.