Aduro Bluetooth Audio Receiver

It worked for a couple of days but then the cable pulled out of the body. Good deal for $8, I would buy another.

Does it work while charging?

Had one that only worked off batt., the moment you plugged in the cable to charge it stopped. Don’t want that.

Per the vendor

It works while charging as long as it has some power left and is paired up. If it’s complete dead and disconnects from the device, you have to wait till it charges up a little to reconnect it again.

Not even worth $8. Got it to work for about 5 minutes. The sound quality was terrible. Then the battery died and could never get it to charge and work again. I would not waste your money on this product.

Totally agree. This product is not meant to stream music. It’s perhaps acceptable for a phone pairing to a speaker, but not for music. Terrible sound quality. Flimsy build quality.